PGI’s geosynthetic nonwovens help ensure a successful harvest every season by providing ultimate protection of seeds, crops and land against harmful elements, such as soil erosion, insect pests, and inclement weather and weed growth.

From vineyards to farms and tropical fruit plantations, PGI meets the precise needs of today’s agricultural customers with high-performance materials, such as Agribon®, Agriban, Agryl, Novagryl, Covertan, and Reicrop.


Provides a stable, protected environment from seed to maturation

  • Moisture penetration
  • Mirco-climate protection for sensitive seedlings
  • Up to 50% less weight compared to conventional insulator products
  • Crop cover (banana & grape bags)
  • Frost & freeze protection
  • Comes in a variety of weights for different applications
  • Light filtration


Floating row crop cover that for over 30 years, has protected a wide range of crops and soils from climatic changes

  • Improves yields and quality
  • Unifies and reduces harvest times, typically by 1-2 weeks
  • Physically strong and abrasion resistant
  • Optimal water and air permeability supports effective plant growth, but reduces insect activity
  • Available in various weights and widths
  • UV treated to last several seasons
  • Z folded, making laying easy


Strong, elastic, expandable fleece for vegetative crops that require a cover that grows with them.

  • Has leading levels of elasticity for expandability
  • Unique manufacturing process resulting in extremely homogeneous fleece
  • Very high strength in the roll direction
  • UV treated to last several seasons
  • Z folded, making laying easy


Thermal fleece protects valuable plants against poor conditions such as drying wind, cold, frost and heavy rain.

  • Keeps plants safer in winter conditions
  • Enables earlier planting than open fields
  • Can shorten the early growth stages, helping to deliver earlier harvests
  • Effective barrier against pests such as insects and birds
  • Z folded, making laying easy


Crop cover that is resistant, light, and protects plants from cold temperatures and winds.

  • Maintains the temperature about 4 to 5 degrees higher than the exterior temperature
  • Unique manufacturing process makes it porous to water
  • Permits the filtration of more than 80% of the sun’s rays
  • Specially recommended for use against insects
  • May also be used inside greenhouses to protect young plants from water condensation

PGI Twine

Provides the finest twine & netting for agricultural applications

  • Makes tight bales
  • Comes in a variety of strengths for different bale weights
  • Provides high visibility; a selection of colors available
  • Easy disposal (burnable, recyclable, or degradable twine)
  • Non-toxic and harmless if eaten by animals
  • No taste, smell or food value to rodents
  • Each bale is shrink-wrapped to avoid tangles and waste in baler twine box