Building customers rely on PGI for products with strength, fire-resistance and barrier protection, including nonwoven laminate building wrap and flashings, roof wrap, insulation, metal wrap and concrete-reinforced fibers.

TYPAR® Building Wrap & SURROUND SR Roofing Underlayment

PGI produces a variety of building products, including the TYPAR Weather Protection System which consists of TYPAR Residential and Commercial Wrap, Flashing, Construction Tape and Accessories.

TYPAR® Residential and Commercial Wrap

As one of the leading brands of building wrap in North America, TYPAR Residential Wrap is specified by many of the top builders. This product provides a crucial layer of protection against the elements by controlling moisture inside the wall.

  • Exceptional moisture vapor transmission for breathable fabric
  • Strong tear strength and optimal surfactant and UV resistance
  • Custom co-labeled printing available

TYPAR® Flashing, Construction Tape & Accessories

Part of the complete Weather Protection System, these help assure a tight seal around your entire home.

  • TYPAR Flashing AT (all-temperature), Flashing RA, and Flashing Flex
  • TYPAR Construction Tape
  • TYPAR Stinger and Fasteners – Stinger for quick install, secured with cap nails or staples

SURROUND SR Roofing Underlayment

Protects the roof deck from moisture to assure lifespan of the roof and the long-term durability of the home.

  • Stronger and drier
  • Up to 5 times lighter than 30# felt
  • Quicker, easier install
  • More secure underfoot

BIBS® (Blow In Blanket System)

This is a patented insulation system that blows dry white fiberglass insulation into walls, floors, attics and cathedral ceilings. The BIBS® system makes a custom filling around.

  • Product is special size, custom printed and folded
  • PGI-LA has been selling in to this market since 1998

BONPAK (Metal Wrap)

This product is designed to protect the metal sheets, rolls or any metal shape against corrosion during transportation or storage.

  • Physical Properties: polyethylene coated, vapor-corrosion-inhibitor added, custom print, special size product
  • Expected to export in 2008

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