Healthcare Case Study


In the past

Surgical gowns were mostly made of muslin. According to industry publications, the replacement of reusable fabrics by disposable garments has greatly helped to decrease the level of contamination risks for both health care professionals and patients.

Specifically, the introduction of a product of called Spunlace helped to pioneer this shift in medical protective apparel. Spunlace replaced paper-based protective fabrics offering a level of comfort similar to reusable fabrics. The winning combination was a fabric with the comfort of a reusable and the fluid protection of a disposable.

About a decade ago

Companies that produced nonwoven fabrics for use in healthcare started to sell SMS fabrics to enhance healthcare worker protection. But SMS was not as soft or breathable as Spunlace nonwovens, thereby increasing the discomfort of wearing such materials for long periods of time.


After thorough research, PGI developed MediSoft® fabrics, a proprietary, patented product with improved properties that deliver significant enhancements in comfort and protection for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Product applications include, surgical gowns, surgical drapes and protective apparel.

Softer and more comfortable than SMS, Medisoft® allows healthcare workers to wear single-use garments for long periods of time with a high level of comfort and protection – the winning combination. This proprietary material is an important addition to PGI’s family of advanced healthcare fabrics.

MediSoft® Fabrics Data

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