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Protective Apparel

PGI’s line of protective apparel features fabrics and converted garments that deliver enhanced safety and greater comfort for workers wearing them on the job – from general industrial uses to clean rooms to emergency responses and toxic site cleanup.

By using durable, yet breathable materials made to withstand the toughest jobs, PGI’s protective apparel has the barrier properties to hold up against normal and fine dry particulate, liquid spray and splash. These materials range from lightweight polypropylene for general-purpose use to coated, laminated and flame retardant materials. They are resistant to toxic chemicals and surface resistivity in accordance with US and European standards and regulations.

Medical Protective Apparel Brands



Highly breathable, composite fabric combining comfort with a strong barrier for extremely fine dry particulate, liquid spray and some liquid splash.


Great value, base line fabric.


Fabric designed for splash protection against a variety of toxic and harmful chemicals. This strong two-layer composite fabric serves as a barrier to blood-born pathogens, as well as barrier against viral aggressions.


Fabric that offers maximum personal protection and comfort. Five layers of polypropylene provide a higher barrier against dry particulate and light liquid spray than standard single layer materials.

Pentamax® FR

Designed to be flame retardant using a treated hydroentangled fabric process maximizing protection in most demanding environments, yet keeping an optimal level of comfort.

Provia™ FR

Spunlace, flame resistant, high oil repellency and soft.

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