Hygiene Case Study

With its SuperSoft™ fabrics, PGI has pioneered the innovation and evolution of components used in softest baby diapers and training pants in the world.

Two major components of baby diapers and training pants are the back sheet and the top sheet. The back sheet, which is the outside of the diaper, is what babies sit on and may touch with their hands. Caregivers also feel this outer layer when they pick up a baby. The top sheet, which is an inner layer, is what touches a baby’s sensitive skin.

Typically, both back and top sheets are made from 15 to 17 gsm polypropylene. PGI’s facilities in the USA, Latin America and Asia employ processes with its 17 gsm Spunmelt polypropylene fabrics, such that improvements, averaging 30% against industry standards, have evolved.

As evidenced by the data below, PGI has developed superior smoothness and flexibility, which determines the softness of a fabric. Its SuperSoft™ fabrics continue to meet marketplace demands for the softest, cuddliest baby diapers and training pants available.

PGI SOFT Coeffient of Friction

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