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A private, U.S.-based business specializing in molded plastics was challenged to deliver a PET/PP decklid cover in less than two months. This included prototype samples, testing and production-approved product for OEM ramp up schedule requirements. PGI’s SilOnyx™ fabric was evaluated and selected as the product that could be successful in meeting the challenging performance specifications and compressed timing.

SilOnyx™ fabric is a durable PET/PP needlepunch product that demonstrates superior characteristics in the environmental testing chamber that the original specified product could not meet.

“SilOnyx™ materials have been a winning combination for OEM and Tier I automotive suppliers by providing a green (recycled), acoustic product that is light weight and cost effective,” said Don Bokshan, PGI's automotive sales and marketing director. “Acoustic performance is helping auto makers differentiate themselves with consumers and succeed in today's competitive market.”

Designed to silence interior vehicle noise, PGI’s SilOnyx™ materials are currently being used in production vehicles by General Motors®, Ford® and Honda®, including North America’s best-selling Chevy Malibu®, as well as the Ford® Focus and Honda® Civic models. These substrates are made from recyclable polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). And they provide a barrier to absorb sound and reduce noise in the interior compartment of a vehicle. In addition, the components themselves are recyclable.

PGI developed the unique one-step manufacturing process that combines the recycled materials with a facing material through multiple layering and needlepunching in a single step. This one-step process, and use of recyclable materials, produces a more cost-effective product.

The high-strength Silonyx materials range from 25 to 40 ounces and are lighter than traditional plastic parts, answering the market need for more efficient vehicles that consume less fuel.

SilOnyx™ key selling features
  • Acoustically tunable
  • High Absorption Coefficient Composition adjustable to fit acoustics, function and cost requirements for specific vehicle profiles
  • Thermo-formable for intimate fit
  • Up to 50% less weight compared to conventional insulator products
  • 100% recyclable
  • Non-fiberglass
  • Lower Tooling Cost
  • One-Step Molding
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