Composite / Fiber Reinforced Plastic manufacturers have been using PGI’s high-performance materials in their solutions for the aerospace, construction, marine and wind energy industries for decades. Manufacturers trust PGI to deliver nonwovens with the uniformity, permeability, resin compatibility fiber design and thermal stability they need to produce market leading answers for their clients’ demands.

PGI nonwovens work as an integral part of final components. As a surface veil for pipes and tanks, beams and railings they create resin rich surfaces for a spectrum of processes including pultrusion, filament winding and molding. The range of highly uniform nonwovens provides the stable base layer for adhesive films, enabling easy handling, good de-bulking and reducing the risk of un-bonded areas in final products. Reducing mass is also critical, achieved by reducing resin content in structures and MatLine+ voided core bulker is an expanded microsphere structure with high flexibility suitable for boat hulls and transportation panels.

Uniquely PGI also produces process materials – offering bleeder and infusion net products manufactured with the same focus on quality as it’s fly-away nonwovens.

PGI is also able to offer customers the services of three Research and Development facilities that enable the development of new nonwoven fabrics using novel materials. It continues to develop new solutions for the fast evolving composites industry – contact PGI to find the best match to your composite product.

Advantages of PGI Nonwovens for Composites:

Surface Veils
  • Uniformity
  • Permeability
  • Dimensional stability
  • Optical Appearance

Bulker / Core Materials
  • Low resin absorption
  • Flexibility / stiffness for vertical installations
  • Stiffness enhancement
  • Process Speed

Adhesive Film component
  • Uniformity
  • Stiffness and physical stability
  • Fiber interaction with Adhesive
  • Aerospace pedigree

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“PGI has developed a strong team relationship that provides quality products at a fair price.”
– Jan Ladewig, HP Pelzer Group
“PGI is one of the only nonwoven producers which is bringing new products and concepts on a regular basis. They have a dedicated team focused on the customer & delivering on their promises.”
– John Todd, McCarthy Group
“When we needed fast product development and rapid scale up, PGI responded quickly and ‘on target’ to make sure our program launched on time and within budget.”
– Janice Roush, Rieter Automotive Systems


“PGI understands the future needs of acoustics in a vehicle. The SilOnyx™ team have created products that have unique characteristics in fully integrated composites.” – Carcoustics

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