Building & Geosynthetics


If you're looking for high-performance and higher-value engineered fabrics, PGI's Building Group offers a broad range of process technologies and a variety of fibers and resins to create the right system for any application.


Required Performance: Protection, insulation, durability
Product Applications: Weather Protection System, building wrap (residential and commercial), flashings, construction tape, fasteners, roofing underlayment, blow in blanket system, metal wrap


Required Performance: Environmentally conscious replacement for stone, sand, asphalt
Product Applications: Geocells, landscape fabric, frost blanket, grass reinforcement mesh, land protection, engineered turf, beach access matting, root barrier, porous pavement


Required Performance: warning, marking, color coded, protection of cable and pipeline
Product Applications: protect underground pipe, underground cables, pipeline coatings of rock back shield, underground buried surfaces and services


Required Performance: maintain crop temperature, provide stable, protected environment from seed to maturation, barrier against elements like insects, dust, sunburn, UV, condensation
Product Applications: floating crop cover, thermal fleece, elastic expandable fleece, twine, netting

Forestry & Horticulture

Required Performance: tree protection, degradable protection, enhance growth of seedling, greenhouse effect, protect from browsing animals and the elements
Product Applications: tree shelters, degradable tree shelters, shrub shelters, plastic mesh tree guards and tree wraps

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