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If you’re looking for high-performance and higher-value engineered fabrics, PGI Technical Specialties offer a broad range of process technologies and a variety of fibers and resins to create the right system for any application.


Required Performance: Protection, insulation, durability
Product Applications: Bedding and flame retardant components, flooring, concrete reinforcement fibers, telecommunications, window shades, furniture, linens components


Required Performance: Uniformity, permeability, fiber design, thermal stability, resin absorption
Production Applications: Fiber reinforced plastic, film adhesive scrims, veils, net & bleeder, bulker layers, innovative multilayer nonwovens, aerospace, wind energy, marine, leisure goods, pipes and tanks, beams and railings, boat hulls, transport panels, ski inter-laminar layers


Required Performance: Strength, durability, dirt-holding capacity, trilobal fibers, stiffness, Microban® technology
Production Applications: Air and liquid filtration


Required Performance: Capture, separation and containment
Product Applications: tea bags, food tray liners, thermal packaging, envelopes, hazmat transportation, insulated blankets, flower wrap, breathable bags and powdered products


Required Performance: Silent, efficient and strong
Product Applications: Trunk liners, wheel well liners, package trays, partial mold barrier, dash insulator, deck lid, auto acoustics, wall panels appliance


Required Performance: Engineered solutions
Product Applications: Respiratory cover sheets, flame retardant inter-liners, protective apparel, car and boat covers

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