Global Wipes Business

PGI is the premier worldwide manufacturer of nonwoven cleaning fabrics and finished, packaged wipes.

Under its Chicopee subsidiary, which is built on more than 60 years of experience as a former Johnson & Johnson company, PGI’s Wipes Group offers a wide array of wiping products to meet every consumer and professional need.

PGI operates two Chicopee divisions: North America and Europe. Each location provides unrivaled expertise in wiping applications and industry-leading technology that delivers high quality products with enhanced characteristics, such as superior absorbency, strength, durability and softness.

Chicopee North America

Provides roll goods and finished, packaged wipes for foodservice, building care, health care, general purpose and consumer-retail applications. Chicopee North America site »

Chicopee Europe

Provides finished, packaged wipes and roll goods engineered for automotive, aftermarket, foodservice, building care, industry, health care, consumer home care and consumer personal care applications. Chicopee Europe site »


Roll goods for baby, beauty, disinfecting, industry, home, hygiene and personal care. Available from Chicopee North America and Europe.

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DuraWipe® XTRA
Watch a short video about PGI’s DuraWipe® XTRA, the company’s first line of products to feature its Spinlace™ technology.
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